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December 14, 2021

Christmas is just around the corner which means most companies are starting to think about booking their Christmas party. From a group meal to a night out, work Christmas parties are a great opportunity for everyone to let their hair down and bond. The last thing anyone wants to think about at a Christmas party is transport, and that’s where Place2Place taxi hire can help.

If you want to make things easier for your team this festive season, consider corporate taxi hire. If you’re unsure as to whether it’s worth it or if you should leave your team to make their own arrangements, here are five reasons you should consider organising a taxi for your Christmas blowout.

Everyone will be on time 

When it comes to any social gathering, there is always the chance that someone will be late because they got lost or struggled to organise a lift on time. No one likes being late, especially to a big event, so by pre-booking a taxi with Place2Place, you can rest assured that everyone will be on time and your Christmas party can run according to schedule. This is particularly useful if you need to vacate a venue by a certain time or if you have made a table booking at a restaurant.

We have a large fleet of taxis and can accommodate groups in our seven-seater cabs and minibuses, so if you’ve got multiple people coming from one area or hotel, everyone can get there at the same time. Not only is this more efficient and economical, but it’s also more cost-effective for you, too.

Keep everyone dry and warm 

It’s no secret that Britain is a bit on the colder side, especially during December. It’s not just the cool temperatures that you need to think about – you also need to contend with driving rain and gale force winds.

Office Christmas Party

Christmas parties tend to be black tie events, so the last thing anyone wants after spending hours getting ready is to step outside and immediately have their hair ruined by the wind. In a similar manner, if anyone has heels on, it’s far easier to step into a cab and get dropped off at the venue door than to trek across a car park.

Our fleet of cabs are both comfortable and warm, meaning your team will turn up to the Christmas party looking glamorous and party-ready, and most importantly, dry!

Safe trips for everyone 

Most people take Christmas parties as an opportunity to let loose, and for many, this means taking advantage of the free bar. With this in mind, it can be a worrying time for employers as they question whether their team are able to get home safe and sound. When you book a cab with Place2Place, you can rest assured that your team will get home safe, giving you peace of mind that no one is left in a sticky situation.

Guaranteed transportation 

December is an exceptionally busy time for taxi companies, with queues outside taxi ranks snaking down the street, often leaving partygoers waiting for a very long time to get a ride home. When you book with Place2Place, you don’t need to worry about queuing for ages – your ride is guaranteed. Likewise, it can be tricky to organise a taxi to get to the venue during Christmas party season when umpteen other companies also have all their staff trying to book a ride. This could leave people scrambling to find a lift, and that’s a stress no one needs on what is supposed to be an enjoyable night out.

Cost effective transport solution 

One of the biggest benefits to booking a taxi for your Christmas party is that it can prove to be more cost effective. This is because if you need a number of taxis, we may be able to work out a group deal for you. On top of this, it means everyone can chip in and not have to foot the bill for their own taxi. It’s always easier to split the cost than to have to budget extra, especially when people need to pay for outfits.

Place2Place offers competitively priced taxis in and around the Kent area, ensuring you’ll get the best deal. You also pay by card and online, so no one needs to worry about counting out change, either.

Book your Christmas taxi with Place2Place

If you’ve got a Christmas party in Kent coming up, contact us now to book your taxi in good time and tick one more thing off your to-do list.

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