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Place 2 Place Cars Aylesford is proud to offer a friendly and comfortable taxi service throughout the village and across the wider Kent area. Whether you need a taxi to Aylesford Station in the middle of the day or a cab back from Maidstone in the middle of the night, our drivers are prepared and ready to transport you to your destination safely.

We provide taxis in Aylesford for both business and pleasure purposes, so no matter if you’re heading to an important work meeting or a casual meet-up with friends, our drivers and primed and ready to go in a suitable vehicle. Every car is sanitised between passenger pick-ups, so you can sit comfortably knowing you’re in a clean, safe, and sanitary vehicle.

Ways to Book an Aylesford Taxi 

We offer multiple ways for you to book a taxi, so you don’t need to worry about frantically searching for Aylesford taxi numbers on a whim. The easiest way to book is via our mobile app which allows you to make immediate and future bookings, as well as track your taxi so you can see exactly where your driver is and when they’ll arrive to pick you up.

You can also book online using our website. This, like the app, allows you to plan ahead and track your driver via GPS for accurate arrival estimations. When you book both online or via the app, you will receive a push notification telling you when your driver has arrived, so you can stay dry and warm rather than waiting outside for your taxi!

If you would prefer to speak to someone directly to book your trip, you can call our friendly team on 01622 791 500.

Paying for Your Trip 

At Place 2 Place, our aim is to make your experience as smooth and easy as possible, and that’s why we provide you with several ways to pay for your trip. If you’re booking online or through the app, you can pay for your trip then and there, so you don’t need to worry about paying your driver later on.

If you’d prefer to pay in person, you can use either cash or a debit card – whatever is most convenient for you! You don’t need to worry about being overcharged if you choose to pay in person – all our fares are set, so even if there’s a change to the route due to traffic or diversions, you won’t pay any extra.

Book a Place 2 Place Taxi in Aylesford

To book a taxi in Aylesford, Kent, please contact us.

For further information and access to exclusive rates, contact our customer service department at

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