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Place2Place has long been considered one of the best taxi firms across the region of mid-Kent. Consequently, those on the hunt for Snodland taxis should look no further than our services. Our taxis in Snodland are driven with great care by experienced drivers who are dedicated to delivering a friendly service. In addition to the friendly nature of our drivers, our cars are sterilised between each use, meaning that you can be sure that you’re in for a clean and comfortable journey.

It can’t be denied that we’re more than just a taxi firm, as we offer all manner of services, including taxis from Snodland to Gatwick, as well as station taxis across Snodland. On top of this, we’re able to provide corporate services and executive travel. Regardless of your transport needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Place2Place.

Our Booking Method

Place2Place’s booking process is incredibly simple, whether you’re enquiring about an upcoming journey, or you require immediate transport. Give us a call on 01622 791500, make a direct booking using our online system, or download our app on your smartphone.

Online and app bookings are among the most convenient, as this allows you to unlock our GPS system to get an accurate idea of their whereabouts. Gone are the days of waiting around for a taxi in adverse weather conditions, as you’ll be swiftly notified of your driver’s arrival via text message or the app. Similarly, this gives you the means of sharing your location with someone to ensure your security.

Available Payment Methods

In this day and age, physical cash isn’t the most convenient mode of payment. It’s for this reason that we provide a cashless service to our customers. Whether you pay directly via the app or utilise our in-car debit/credit card machines, you can be sure that you can effortlessly pay for your journey. Consequently, you won’t need to stop off at the cashpoint on the way to your destination or keep hold of some cash throughout the day.

Fixed Rates

Conditions are subject to change when travelling on the roads, whether this is down to excessive traffic or road closures. Despite this, this isn’t the fault of the customer, and we don’t believe that it should be treated as such. Therefore, you’ll be provided with a flat fee upon booking in with us, and this fare won’t change regardless of any unforeseen circumstances.

Travel with Place2Place

When it comes to hiring a car or booking a taxi in Snodland, be sure to contact us here at Place2Place. We’ll send one of our drivers your way to get you wherever you need to be.

For further information and access to exclusive rates, contact our customer service department at

Personal Travel

This service is perfect for people who use taxis on a regular basis, quality service, at quality prices.

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We’re proud to offer all of our customers an exceptional level of service.

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We are committed to providing our chauffeurs with excellent job opportunities.

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