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Village life in Ditton needn’t be cut off from main towns such as Aylesford if you don’t have a car. Fortunately, residents can make use of the excellent taxi service offered by one of Kent’s most reliable private hire companies – Place2Place.

Linking together all the villages in the area, including West Malling, East Malling and Snodland, your friendly and reliable Ditton taxi hire will ensure you get to whatever destination you are aiming for in comfort and on time.

Our Booking Methods

You can book your Ditton taxi via a number of different methods.

First is through the old-fashioned way and picking up the phone and speaking to a human being. Call us on 01622 791500. We are also very happy to speak to people who prefer to have that human contact. We can manually book in your taxi hire for you, and you can rest assured that our driver will be at your address in Ditton at the appointed time, ready to take you to your destination.

Secondly, you can book via our online system. Once you make an account with us, you can use this link to book a taxi in Ditton whenever necessary.

Finally, you can download our Place2Place Cars app on your Apple or Android phone and book your Ditton taxi direct through the app.

Payment Options

We accept all methods of payment for your convenience. We will still accept cash if this is your preferred method of payment. However, when you make your Ditton taxi service online booking, you may prefer to pay when booking so that you know you have ticked off one job on your list.

All our drivers also take direct card payments in their taxis.

Enjoy Place2Place Ditton taxi reliability and comfort

Thank you for choosing Place2Place for your Ditton taxi service. We will do our utmost to get you to your chosen destination in comfort, on time, and with the minimum stress.

For further information and access to exclusive rates, contact our customer service department at

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